WELCOME TO THE cardano crows

Yonks ago in the city of cardano, the crows were happily living under the rule of their fun-loving king. At a party night a joker crow cracked a joke on the king. They never knew the anger hidden behind his jollies. He ordered to punish the joker crow. The king’s unprecedented annoyance started revolt within their tribe. The clowns left the tribe and went to anonymity in the mountains. They will retaliate!


Mint price is 30 ADA each.
The launch date is 4th December 2021, 6PM UTC.
Yes! there will be 100 white listing spots available only for existing crows holders who will hold the crows until next launch and people decided by project owners.
Yes! there will be so many giveaways. Twitter giveaways and discord giveaways will be separately distributed on the launch day.
You can mint a maximum of 5 Crows per transaction. Just multiply the amount of ADA with the number of Crows you want to secure.
Only send your ADA via yoroi/daedalus/nami wallets. Do not use any CEX like binance, kraken etc. None of our staff members would approach you guys for ADA.
The rarity chart will be out after launch.
Please join our discord channel for mint related updates.


  • 1
    Season 1
    CNFT idea and concept
    Design and team building
    Extreme giveaways for community 100 Crows generation
    Season 1, Chapter 1 Launch (November 6 Additional Crows generation)
    Season 1, Chapter 2 Launch (December 4 Special Crows generation)
    Season 1, Chapter 3 Launch (TBD)
  • 2
    Season 2
    Joker Crows design
    Community dedicated giveaways
    Community driven strategies
    Collaboration with other CNFT projects
    Joker crow launch (TBD)
    Crow animated series idea and concept
    Crow animated series storyboarding
  • 3
    Season 3
    Warrior Crows design
    Special treatment to existing members
    Special giveaways to existing crow Holders
    War injured crows Launch (TBD)
    Community dedicated giveaways
    Crow animated series animation

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